Summer 2013 Wrap-Up


I love seasons. Being in Florida, we don't get strict weather changes for everything, but I envision what I can. Summer may be my least favorite time of year, but I still get excited about it and what it brings.

As I'm sure you know, summers here can be ridiculously hot. I drive in a car without air conditioner so this grows tiresome. Growing electric bills aren't much fun either. But the season has it's advantages, and one of those is what many may not think of when they think of Florida - rain. Some years it rains almost constantly through the summer. For the month of June this year, it rained every day. For July it rained almost every day. The rain starts hiding in August, which is the hottest, most humid month - my least favorite time of the year.

The great things about Summer are no school, extra time with my son, ice cream, lake trips, summer reading programs at the library, rainy days to read by, reading time at the lake or the beach or the boat or the dock. Summer is an ideal season for reading. All the season, no matter what their pros, what their cons, hold reading charms all their own.

What do you think of when you think of summer? This year I didn't get out to the lake, but I did read a lot with it raining outside. An especially wonderful day I finished Shutter's Island on the small screened porch with a bad, windy storm at the same time. Bliss. I also participated in a ridiculous number of Summer Read-a-Thons. I signed up for my library's summer reading program. I got my son to read some graphic novels. All in all, summer in 2013 was a good one for me.

2013 Summer Reading Environment

In the cooler seasons I dig reading on one of my two porches a lot, but in the summer, with the heat and humidity, and also my son home from school and getting irritated if I spend too much time outside, I'm forced to read inside much more.

In August I got two small chairs my mom didn't need anymore to replace a recliner I threw away (was large and comfy but stained and in desperate need of a toss.) The chairs are tiny, cute, and temporary until the living room is done, but I've had fun reading on them. In between them is a small table where I've been putting books, and my terror of a cat enjoys knocking them off again.

Also, last winter I read a ridiculous amount of time in the bathtub. I did a post on the bathtub ritual with my new robe, bubble bath I finally found, and the candles used here for a Where are you reading post. I found this summer, with working full time again and getting everything done, that I've rarely felt in the mood for a hot bath. Instead I've done quick, cooling showers before bedtime. So the bathtub reading experience is out for this season.

I have been reading more the past month in bed with pillows, the blanket, watching TV in there while reading and drinking some hot tea. I have a small lamp in the bedroom on the night stand, and a lamp just for reading behind the small chair in the living room. My cat blew the bulb the other day by knocking it over. >:(

Also, since it's rained almost every day, as mentioned, I've enjoyed sitting inside reading and listening to the rain. I've been playing a decent amount of rainymood too for the occasion.

Do your reading environments change much in the summer or by season?

Summer Read-A-Thons

For the first time this year, I participated in Read-a-Thons. I soon grew obsessed with them, they ended up being a lot of fun. Some I was more active in depending on the circumstances. 
Click on any of the pictures to find the post.

I also participated in the following 15 day Questionaire Meme:

Personal Library Changes

Goodreads Reading Goal set to 100 for the year. Unfortunately over the summer I read less. This is mainly because of my son being home and spending so much time with him. I also slowed down a bit on the book shopping due to funds and times, but as always, keep adding the books.

Books Read: Total 24 Books

June: 10
July: 6
August: 8

New Books Added to Library: Total 40 Books

June: 26
July: 6
August: 8

Favorite Reads of the Summer:

Total Reviews Written - 23

Looking at the stats for the weeklies, definitely wasn't consistent/busy with these over the summer either!

Mailbox Mondays - 4

Tune-In Tuesdays - 2
Top Ten Tuesdays - 4
Booking Through Thursdays - 3
Book World Weekends - 4
Sunday Salon - 4

Personal Stuff

At this end of May I started a new, full-time job. I have had to learn and get accustomed to a new reading schedule and routine because of this. Before I read hours into the wee hours of the night in bed; now, I have to read before I go to bed, but not be reading when it's too late. I'm finally getting the hang of it so my reading is finally picking up again.

The Summer was a fun time. Work went well, spent lots of time with son and fiance. We didn't leave the house much but that was fine by us. The  new Superman movie came out and we had a fun premiere with that and be outing. Made a post about it here.

It may look like I didn't touch the site much, and I wasn't consistent with the weeklies. Still, I did a good amount of reviews, changed the reviewing format (have so many hours left of work converting that still), did some new things with existing special features, and participating in too many read-a-thons. When it stops being fun and becomes obligations and work, then that's when somethings wrong, right?

I didn't go to the Lake or the Beach this summer, but I had lots of laughs, lots of rain, and lots of time with my family. Reading a few good books in between makes life more complete. 

For Fall here's hoping to more consistent reading, more reviews, more weeklies done, and yet more fun, laughs, family times, and cheers.