Sunday Salon: 9/22

Past Week - Personal Stuff

Not much to report on this front. It was a fast work week and a good one. Having son off on Monday was a fun day and we've been having fun watching some humorous youtube videos and top ten lists of our choosing.

I also decided to stop spending so much time sitting/being in the living room. Sometimes it feels like that's the only room anyone goes to in the house! For four nights I went into my bedroom, turned on the TV which hasn't been hooked up for months, and watched old Bewitched (the first season) on DVD. I turned off the main light and just put on the nightstand book lamp instead.  I would cuddle with a book with the TV going, losing myself in a magical world of mystery as I was literally reading a magical themed mystery. I just realized now that not only was I reading a magical mystery, but I was watching a magical themed TV show. Kind of funny right? Finished the book but lots of the show left revisit. It was always a great show, I'm a huge Bewitched fan, especially of the earlier seasons.

On the first night I made a pot of Green Tea (which I usually don't like). But it's a special one, a Ginger Green Tea, loose leaf, and I'm in LOVE with it. Great stuff. I bought it from Coffee Shop of Horrors booth at a convention last year. I hope they come back again this year. They turn me on because of their great name, adorable theme, and high quality stuff.

Who couldn't love a coffee based shop that embraces Little shop of horrors? How nifty. Now that they are carrying tea I really want to branch out and try more of their stuff in the future. At their booth they were sold out of most of their teas when I found them. 

Here is the Green Tea I'm so mad about - isn't it cute?? The lemon isn't strong as all and the Ginger really comes out.

Otherwise I didn't do much. Worked on this site a lot over the weekend, although some of the posts are going to be displayed later. Also watched Haven with the fiance Nathan, we started that this weekend. Anxious to see the first episode of Sleepy Hollow. Oh, and I'm going to experience the fascinating aspect of washing my car today.


I'm falling more into practice of reading after work so the reading is picking up some. I've finally gotten much closer to the Goodreads goal/catching up to the numbers.

 This week I've finished:

Website Progress

I've done a lot of work on the site but not all the content is available yet. I've also written several reviews but haven't put those up either. (doh!)

For Banned Book Week, starting today, I made 2 posts:

I'm also super excited about Doctor Sleep and made an information post about that:

Last Sunday I did a new Cover Crush on Old School Harlequin Covers

I made my post listing my participation in this years RIP, which is the VIII already

Until next time, happy reading!