The Sunday Salon: 9/8

Past Week - Personal Stuff

For a return to work after a holiday weekend, this past week has been ridiculously slow. I mean, part of the fun of having a three day Labor Day weekend is that you know when you return to work, there will only be a four day work week when you come back. Instead I was grouchy as can be Tuesday, and the work sluggishly crawled on the remaining days. Many at my company said the same. Perhaps it was something in the air in the place I worked?
My father travels a lot on business, and as a surprising bonus all the hotel points he and his crew have acquired has now been converted into gift cards of my mother's choosing. She graciously gave me a few hundred for Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart. Also a $25 to Applebees and Starbucks. Sometimes I feel as if I have the greatest parents in existence. With the Best Buy card Nathan and I headed up to the store and bought a Kindle Fire HD. Pretty spiffy.
I also already have a pretty large list on Amazon for the wishlist, aka things to buy everyone for Christmas. So nice to know almost all, if not ALL, of the Christmas will be paid for this year. A big relief as money is tight.

Thankfully Nathan did win his unemployment argument against Subway. They were ridiculously wrong in the way they treated him with the new assistant manager, so I'm glad unemployment could easily see through their inconsistencies and falsehoods with that. He finally gets to start claiming his weeks starting Tuesday, which will help out a lot when it comes to money around the house for bills.

Last Sunday the best bud and I watched a Supernatural marathon of the last season. Those are always fun to do. I preferred the earlier seasons but this has gotten better than it started out to be. I guess they've moved on from any mention of Sam's half demon side and powers, but sadly I found this one of the most interesting parts of the series!
We're going to be resuming our marathon tomorrow night when I get home from work with the show and pizza :)

Again with this new job and adjusting to a new bedtime and changing cycles my reader has suffered this year. My plans was to pass my reading last year of almost 130 books, but now I'm starting to wonder if I'll even hit that Goodreads goal. I just hit 60 as of this weekend. Finally.
I think I'll be focusing on some of the shorter books on my TBR list this September. I always have to rev up for the October Paranormal and Horror type reading I always do for that month. I'm prepared and completely in the mood, so bring it on.
I keep toying with the idea of possibly doing some themed reading by month for the year, but then I fear I would feel too blocked in and encounter ruts as a result.

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 I changed some of the coding/review structure for the new reviews (will go back and edit the older one when time permits. ) The new type - added with book quotes and a new divider bar and link table at the bottom, can be seen on the main page under the new reviews.

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Until next time, happy reading!