BWW: 10/6

An Original Paperback Stash Feature

I wanted something that showcased the happenings around book blogs and sites by week, special events in the reading community, a location to display stunning bookstores, libraries, and others. Basically anything to do with the wonderfully huge world of books. Can be posted anytime on the weekend, Friday - Saturday - or Sunday.  Feel free to grab the button and join me!


Bookish-World Places

El Ateneo Bookstore-Buenos Aires, Argentina

I know my bookstores aren't this fancy, what about yours? The people in Buenos-Aires certainly shop in style.


Bookish-World on the Web

I didn't get a chance to make a post last week, but the internet has been abuzz with the new Goodreads guidelines on reviews. Also, Amazon is set to start removing hundreds of erotica titles from their shelves to comply with community content guidelines. I'm just hoping that, the bigger the enterprise grows, that they won't start becoming too sanitized like Walmart in the old day with CDs and Blockbuster with their too-strict policy on what could be rented and carried by their store. Ironically both of these events happened beside Banned Book Week. Goodreads did their feedback forum announcement the Friday before, and Amazon was set to announce and start their 'cleaning' the week after. Bad timing especially.
My favorite author, Kim Harrison, of my favorite series The Hollows, has been again interacting with fans heavily for the new release of the upcoming Hollow book, Undead Pool. There was a fun game where she released a piece of the cover a day - on Facebook, Goodreads, her site of course, and other sources. The cover has fully been revealed, and it's incredible, but above that, she also released the first chapter on her site. Makes me want it NOW, not that I didn't already.
In addition, for the excitement of the new book, she is doing an interactive re-read of the series up to this point on a Goodreads group she made and her website. I need to be more active in it,  but I have been participating through the Goodreads group and also made a comment or two on the website.


Bookish-World Creativity

I'm loving the Minion display and posters put up to attract kids to reading.

Cute display spin off for Redbox.