Sunday Salon: 10/6

Past Week - Personal Stuff

Hasn't been that exciting of a week. My friend and I finished the Supernatural Season 8 Marathon on Monday night in time for the new season starting up. My shows are back, I'm so excited.

This week has mainly been about the TV

Once Upon a Time - My favorite. I love Rumpelstiltskin. I'm a total Rumpbelle shipper. The first episode last Sunday was epic, exciting about tonight's show.

I really could care less about Princess and Prince Charming stuff, as those two get on my nerves a little. The villains are the more interesting. But the show itself is great and they're always coming up with interesting stuff for the storyline. 

Rumple Gifts Belle the Library

I was eager for Revenge to return as well after the huge cliffhanger from the last season, but frankly it was a bit disappointing and lackluster. I'm sure they'll improve.

And of course The Walking Dead returns October 13. Supernatural and Vampire Diaries returning as well, although I haven't caught the episode of Vamp Diaries yet, will try and change that tonight.

Non-TV wise, we have a new hermit crab since our last one suddenly died. Unfortunately this week our largest goldfish suddenly died. We're not having luck with the animals around here. :(


I have several books that I'm close to finishing but haven't quite finished yet. Only about 15 pages left of The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells. My first classic of the year, for shame. 

I'm more than halfway through Delia's Shadow by Jamie Lee Moyer. 

Completed and reviewed Better Homes and Gardens: Baking

Finished The Trelayne Inheritance by Colleen Shannon

Finished Master of Murder by Christopher Pike

Website Progress

For a change I've actually done one of EVERY Daily feature for the site this week. I miss that. I don't do Top Ten Tuesdays every week, as it's hard to think of something for some of them. Tune-In Tuesdays are always fun during the holidays as I get to focus on the holiday themed music.


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Until next time, happy reading!