The Trelayne Inheritance by Colleen Shannon

(No Series)
Published 2002
Gothic, Paranormal Romance

As women who live near her uncle's isolated estate die, their bodies drained of blood, chemist Angelina Corbett cannot help but wonder if the rumors of a "vampire" haunting the estate are true--especially after meeting their enigmatic neighbor, the Earl of Trelayne. Angelina doesn't need scientific evidence to know Apollo is her soulmate, but will his dance lead her to ecstasy or to the downward spiral of the damned?

Gothic, thy alias is cheese.

The Trelayne Inheritance, surprisingly, isn’t as cheesy as I figured it would be because of the, ya know, THEME (whispers: vampires…) It’s a modern day take on the older genre, complete with castles, paranormal activity, over the top love interest, mystery, twists, and ominous warnings around every corner…

People like to make fun of these mini soap operas but really some of them are surprisingly intricate. This one was better than I’d hoped it’d be. The story seems a little weak for most of the book, and I guessed the surprise that came up in regard to the villain. Still, the journey entertained because the heroine was feisty, the friend funny, and there was always something strange going on to hold attention.

Humor is done well enough. I dug the hero as realistically handsome. The author was more or less paving the plot as she went with regard to the mother story, but it ends up working at the end.

Overall it’s not the best of its kind but it’s actually very good for a paranormal romance vampire gothic type. There’s an actual story, it’s fun reading it, they hold off on the unrealistic clich├ęs that usually accompanies this type. I was a bit bummed with an aspect with the end and what happened as I feel it’s overdone in this type as a happily ever after solution for vampire PA stories, but not enough to mind that much.

If you’re in the mood for a gothic, this one delivers a few fun-filled hours.

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