Ten Best/Worst Series Enders

Based on a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish

Top Ten Best/Worst Series Enders

 I will avoid spoilers, so this will be vague.

I only listed three. Why? Because most of my series haven't ended. And there's a lot of series I'm reading I haven't reached the end of.

1. Chronicles of Narnia:  - Some griped, but I loved the ending and how CS Lewis did this. He wanted to go through the whole timetable of the world and it's adventures. I found the ending beautiful. It does help if you read this from a Christian perspective since it was written for one though. Vote: Best

2. The Dark Tower- Some have griped, some have raved. Ultimately I am happy with how King ended the Dark Tower and Roland's journey. Reading his afterword helps as well. At first I wasn't certain. Could you imagine the pressure he was under? As an epic series writer, he knew not everyone would be pleased. I do dislike how some of the characters stories ended at the very end, but the main one was a good one. Vote: Good

3. Sookie Stackhouse - I will always love the Sookieverse. Charlaine Harris is a talented writer I enjoy. I do dislike how the series ended, though. I found the last book weak for other reasons too. But I think that the main pitfall was that Harris wanted Sookie to end up with someone, and went about it all wrong. As the author it's her choice, but also to be fair she needs to have a steady progression of realism that makes sense to the reader too. There are plenty of spoilers about this in my review of the last book.