30 Days to Understanding the Bible

30 Days To Understanding The Bible rating

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Nonfiction, Christianity

In just 15 minutes a day for 30 days one can gain a clear, useable understanding of the most important book ever written. With appealing anecdotes and memory-enhancing exercises, this revised edition of Anders' popular "30 Days" series offers a roadmap for "thinking your way through the entire Bible."

The book uses extreme repetitiveness to encourage memory. It's impossible not to have most memorized after you've read ten chapters and had to fill out the same things on each chart. I didn't read this once in 30 days; it was sitting on my "currently reading" over a year. The reason being I read half of it in one sitting and kept meaning to get back to it for study but didn't. I'm not one who can do a reading cycle.

The ten doctrines of the bible is the third section are interesting as it departs from the charts to teach something different. It's written very simply to have the basics and outlines, order, books, events, all make structural sense. The point behind this is if you all the structure memorized back to back, when you get into more indepth study on your own, it will be easier, make much more sense, and come together as a whole. It can get a bit boring because of the repetitiveness, but it's a learning tool hammering it into your head.

The teaching technique used completely work for me. It may not for others, so I recommend seeing an example of the workbook type structure before purchasing. Also, I do recommend extending this beyond 30 days. 30 Days of reading will definitely mean you completely get it and memorize it, but I think stronger memory and comprehension would pay off better extending it over a few more months