Sneak-A-Read, A Thankfully Reading Weekend Challenge

Sneak-A-Read Challenge
Since I am going to be busy this weekend with my family, I am going to be snatching reading time here and there. My challenge to you is to list three to five books that make perfect choices when you’re reading on the run. Let us know briefly why the books you’ve selected would work well.

Challenge Hosted by Literate Housewife

If I'm doing five books on the run, I like them to be light and not to require too much attention. In other words, if my attention is broken, it's okay and I won't be out of the story.

Books like the Diary of the Wimpy Kid and Graphic Novels are perfect for this sort of thing. Easy to find your place, funny, and light. The same goes for the Exiles Graphic Novel Series I've been reading right now.

Also with reading on the run, I like short books that are easily read quickly, such as Harlequin Romances. Those things are sped through like candy for me.