Sunday Salon: 11/24

Past Week - Personal Stuff

Getting ready for the holidays still, we put up our Christmas tree over a week early (today). It helps that most of the presents have been bought early. The tree was beckoning us, and I let my son open his Christmas present of Grand Theft Auto 5 early to spend it playing with friends for the upcoming  week off of school. Right now him and Nathan are propped in front of the TV waiting for the content to download.

Not to say it hasn't been exciting about Thanksgiving too. My work threw the Thanksgiving luncheon at 11:30 on Thursday. People brought a massive amount of food and it was absolutely delicious. We also have the clubhouse yearly Chili cook off on Saturday. My dad is back in town, so we went with him, mom, my brother, Nathan, Gage. It was fun as always trying different chilis and all you can east for 3.00. Afterward we watched the new Superman movie (again for us, first time for dad) at parent's house.

It is finally getting cooler out, so all the windows and doors are open today with the air conditioner cut off. Feels wonderful.


 Finished the following this week:

  • Unfriendly Proposition by Jessica Steele
  • Tempt the Stars by Karen Chance (Book 6)
  • Hunt the Moon by Karen Chance (Book 5)
  • Pretence of Love by Carol  Gregor
  • Jewel in his Crown by Lynne Graham

Currently Reading:

  • Hero Worship by Christopher E. Long
  • Those who Save us by Jenna Blum
  • IT by Stephen King (Slow Re-Read)
  • My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding by PN Elrod

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