Thankfully Reading - Day 2

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Today's Challenge from Jen's Book Thoughts

1.) Choose one or more of the authors listed below.
2.) Pick two to three other authors that share common characteristics with this author to complete the statement: "If your reader really likes [fill in the blank], I recommend: [fill in the blank]." Now here's the important part: include a short reason why. It doesn't have to be elaborate but you want whoever you're making the recommendation to to understand what connection YOU are making between the writers.
3.) Try to include at least one new-to-you in 2013 author or one 2013 debut author in your recommendations.
4.) Mention your favorite indie bookstore where people can go to buy your recommendations. Include the URL for their website. Since Saturday is "Small Business Saturday" we want to give an added plug for our favorite book-and-mortar stores.

For the challenge I'm choosing Sue Grafton.

Other authors that are similar and that I would recommend if you enjoy Sue Grafton:

Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum Series, Candace Haven's Standalone books, Austin Carr series by Jack Getze

I'd recommend the first because it is another long-running mystery series with a female protagonist and has a bit of humor thrown in. I'd recommend the second author because she writes cute, quirky mysteries. The third I'd recommend for a change of pace to a male protagonist but still holding the humor in the mysteries.

Candace Haven was a new to me in 2013

Unfortunately my local indie store does not have an online presence. However, for used books I recommend, and for new amazon.