Thankfully Reading: Kick-Off Post

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For the first day of Thanksgiving Reading, on Thanksgiving itself, I did very little reading. I helped with Thanksgiving dinner and spent time with the family and my son. I did read about 30 pages in the bathtub of this book:

Here's the Mini-Challenge Questions for the day provided by to get the muses flowing:

  • How did you Celebrate Thanksgiving?

My son and fiance spent the morning with them playing some video games and me waking up groggy. We went to bed too late and I overslept more than I'd like to. We had fun though with a few calls to the parents. We headed there about two and I helped mom cook the mashed potatoes, corn casserole, rice pudding, and odds and ends.

My fiance and dad watched football while my son (a bit bored) wondered from my brother's room, to tease us in the kitchen, and back to the guys and the TV.

We ate around 4:30, a little later than we planned. It was delicious as always!

  • What's in your TBR Pile for the Weekend?

I know I won't get all the books done, but I have these are the ones that I've been currently reading:

Trust me, I usually don't have THIS many currently reading at one time, but there's a reason I do right now. IT is a slow re-read since it's lengthy and I read it years ago. I have two anthologies left over from October. Hero Worship is the e-book I'm reading. Still Me and Rabid are two non-fictions I'm working on.

  • How much time do you think you'll have for reading?

I thought I'd have more today but it didn't pan out that way. I'm  hoping for at least 10 hours reading this weekend. Crossing fingers! I have some home projects and other stuff I want to do in between.

  • What book are you starting out with?

All of the above by mood.  I also may add in another or two, we'll see. I really need to finish the graphic novel series I'm reading.

  • Are you reading print books, e-books, audio?

All actual books, with one e-book Hero Worship from Netgalley

  • Pictures and/or vlogs are a great thing to add to your kick-off post

Here are some Thanksgiving shots to share: