A feature where I cover fun book-related items.


I am in love. Seriously. I discovered this site almost a year ago and have been meaning to make this post since then. My friend and I browsed the shop for our first order, I indulged by buying us both a certain number to get others free and we went to town with the mystical sets, flowers, you name it. 

I only use Magnetic Bookmarks now - I collect all bookmarks, but those regular ones stay safe and protected in the bookmark basket and other areas.

The best thing about these is they won't move. I can clip them in the book and shake it upside down, sideways, and every which way and they won't move an inch. They also don't  hurt the book pages at all. If you're in the mood to use the bookmark to read the lines, you can unfold them and hold them long-ways to make them fit.

Another good thing - they're only 1.99 each (can't be beat) and there's a flat 2.00 shipping charge no matter how large the order. Seriously - in love. I've ordered from them several times.

Here's my collection so far (not displayed too well but the best I can come up with for now:

There is one not pictured here - the mermaid one from St. Augustine. I can't find that one and it was a gift :( They have the same mermaid for sale I'll pick up again, but it won't say St. Augustine on it. Le Sigh.

They have a large amount of categories - 60 in total for the magnetic alone.

They have all sorts of regular, tasseled bookmarks as well and some other stuff (including 3D bookmarks if that's your thing), and all are priced much better than the bookstores, but I stick to magnetic bookmarks myself.

For every 12 you buy, you get 3 free, etc. I'm hoping to get a big collection eventually and with all sorts of my favorite themes.

You may recognize some of them too, as they are also sold in some stores. I know my local museum has some of the artwork print ones. They are usually more expensive there by about a buck to make a profit.

The only bad thing about the website to me is when they sell out of something, it seems to either stay out of stock for a long time or not get restocked. They have a category or two that's blank as well, maybe because it ran out of stock.