Mailbox Monday: 12/30


Final Christmas MM Post 

Author Richard Finney sent me his new book, the first in a neat looking fantasy type series. I'm excited to read it after I enjoyed his other two so much,  Black Mariah and Drawing Blood.

Here's the Synopsis from Goodreads:

The Cataclysm caused millions to die.
Those who survived - Fought for what remained.
Humanity is at the brink of extermination.
There is only one hope for a last stand.
But the best weapon doesn't care about - Saving Humanity.
His sole purpose in life is revenge.
Tristan Moir became known as -
The Wind Raider.
When you control the wind - You can save a species.

While browsing through the book, found it has nifty illustrations as well.

I also finally, FINALLY, got the Psycho set from my mother for Christmas. I was hoping she had gotten it for me when we passed a bookseller at the convention in October. I have been wanting to read Psycho for YEARS. I had Psycho House growing up but never read it and don't know what happened to it.

Unfortunately my camera keeps flashing on it as well. Argh. You can't see the full coolness of the Bate's motel cover but, it is awesome.

And, finally, she got me a book from a self-published author at a table. It looks like a fairy-tale fantasy type book, sounds interesting, and he threw in some promotional bookmarks.

Get anything interesting this week?

Until next time, Happy Reading!