Mailbox Monday


The Big Box of Books is Here!

Yes, this is late again. Sorry guys, but Christmas week has been super busy. I can't skip this post, though, too many books would be left out and they deserve their glory time in their own Mailbox Monday post, late as the author may be :)

And besides, how cool is it to receive a huge box of books!?!

 A happy homecoming from work!

After ordering these from a close Goodreads friend, who I also ordered a huge quantity of books from in this older Mailbox Monday post too, I couldn't wait for them to arrive. She shipped the day of receiving the payment clearly, and it only took a few days.

I wanted to draw out looking through all the books, and was delighted to see some bonus books and a wrapped Christmas present extra picked from my Goodreads Wishlist :)

 My mean, but much loved, cat Malz had a different idea about my getting to explore the box of books without distracting him first, though. See that mean expression ready to strike a reaching hand? And yes, he did live out his intent and strike when I tried.

Finally, presenting, the books - a box of horror and suspense/thrillers.


I've really gotten more into anthologies the past year or so. Have plenty to read but couldn't pass these up. The pirate ghosts one looks especially awesome. There's also TWO focused on Zombies and three on ghosts. One of the zombies is a humorous romantic type, and one is serious. Great authors in a lot of these, and two are mammoth editions, which I love and want to collect the set of. I have the vampire mammoth edition from her previous order.

Second Selection

I now clearly have tons more of Tom Piccirilli to read, which is always a plus. Five books total to sample. I wasn't impressed by an attempt at a Michael Slade books years ago, but will give another try to his two here. Finally, have three from Christopher Golden, another author I desperately needed more of.

 Batch Three

I've heard such great things about James Herbert. I have a book or so to read of his already. I am so super excited about reading Once... The plot description is enticing and the first few pages of the book has trippy, bizarre fairy tale type artwork. Too cool.  30 Days to Night is based on the movie but it was a good story so we'll see. I haven't read Hugh B. Cave either, so plenty of new authors await.

 Batch Four

I've always wanted the two Christopher Pike adult novels, so it was a joy to get them now. I haven't read Elizabeth Hand but she looks intriguing. The three books in the trilogy by James A. Moore I'm the most excited about. Serenity falls features all kinds of paranormal, circus, and strange themes. The covers are also a lot of fun. 

 Batch Five

These are random books from random authors. Looks good, so I got them from her, but they will probably take awhile to get to. Bad Karma by Andrew Harper is a series I'm familiar with and have books from.

 Batch Six

The Manse looks perfect for Halloween right? Summer of Night by Dan Simmons was the Christmas book pictured above in the wrapping. It looks soooo good and has great reviews and was one of her favorites, so it had been sitting on my wishlist for awhile. So happy that's the one she chose for the special book :) There's a few zombie books here as well. I really need to catch up with the zombie fiction!

 Batch Seven

Meg is about a killer shark - can't have too many of those. Cypress House and Case Histories are closer to mysteries than anything else in the box.

 Batch Eight

Here are some more fun, random books. Android Karenina happily adds to my growing list of classic spoofs.

Get anything interesting this week?

Until next time, Happy Reading!