MM: Dec. 9th

Book Swag!

Karen Chance is awesome. I mean, really, really awesome. I'm in love with her Cassie Palmer Urban Fantasy series. I can't wait especially to see what happens in the next book with Prti I'm caught up on the series, but not the reviews (sorry!). I do have three of them up and two more heading soon.

I was delighted to get this fun book swag from her two series.

Bookstore Spree

Monday night my best friend and I went to Books-a-Million and browsed the bargain deals, as well as both picking up a full price book in the Urban Fantasy or Paranormal Romance areas. Her books aren't pictured, but she got some great ones I can't wait to read when she's finished. For me, I think I did pretty well and had a lot of fun browsing for almost two hours to pick.

Kim Harrison is always a win-win for me, being my favorite writer. I haven't started on her three book YA UF series yet, although I have the first in the TBR pile, Once Dead, Twice Shy.This book, Early to Death, Early to Rise, is the second in the series. Only the third waiting to collect now. I also picked up Prom Nights from Hell, a cute anthology that's YA focused by some top UF and PR authors, including Kim Harrison again from the same Madison Avery series.

Also picked up Bewitching by Alex Flinn. Loving the cover.

Speaking of covers, aren't these adorable? I picked both of them up, and, although they aren't the first in the long running series, will borrow my friend's first of the series and see how they all line up.

Real Vampires Don't Wear Size Six and Real Vampires Have more to Love

After being impressed with Philippi Gregori's writing style last year, I collect her historical fiction whenever I get the chance, so picking up The Red Queen was an automatic. Kiss of Midnight is the paranormal romance I picked out. Melissa and I had a deal - both of us to find and buy a first book in a series we wanted to try. Here's hoping I enjoy it.


Yes, I finally get to read some of Cassandra Clare's series, which is so popular and circulating in YA crowds on Goodreads and beyond. Heard the movie was terrible but will definitely wait to try it out until after I read the books.

Book 1 - City of Bones
Book 2 - City of Glass
Book 3 - City of Ashes

Also borrowed Witchling by Yasmine Galenorn and  .

Get anything interesting this week?

Until next time, Happy Reading!