November Harlequin Recap

Another Paperback Stash Feature

Since Harlequins are about as addicting as candy and can be consumed almost as quickly, I typically go through several of these depending on my mood. Many of the ones I read are older and not even near their new-release dates. It seems silly to post a full review for some of these with their own post since it's unlikely anyone will go and hunt them down based on the review, plus romance can follow so many formulas there just isn't much to say. Hence, this recap was born. What is it about Harlequins that is so addicting? They are like little soap operas at your fingertips!  Links in title go to Goodreads and description. Trope list can be found here.

By Jessica Steele ★★★☆☆

Harlequin Themes:
Misunderstandings, Wealthy Hero

An okay read. I liked the heroine well enough, although the main male didn't seem redeeming, sexy, or anything to me. He is ridiculously jealous and even has a scene where he makes a warning about raping her. The dialogue is well written until the last few pages, then it's kind of cheese city. I don't see the attraction and them convincingly falling for each other, but at least there was no insta-love and the first half was convincing.

The writing style is enjoyable and, while the plot doesn't have tons happening all the time, it's worth a read if it's laying around.

By Melanie Milbourne ★★★☆☆

Harlequin Themes:
Previous Relationship, Wealthy Hero, Forced Relationship

Some of the story didn't really make sense, and the beginning wasn't that good, but I dug the hero of the story. Mainly it's told through the heroines eyes but sometimes the author jumps into his head instead. I'm glad she keeps it rare. His personality made the book enjoyable - there wasn't humor or much steaminess really, it's short and sweet, and the very ending needed a few more pages of resolution to work more solidly - but overall a good, if slightly melodramatic, harlequin. 

I'm curious if she went back to her business and kept on Melanie as the partner. That part would have irritated me as much as it did her were I in her shoes.

By Carol Gregor ★★★★★

Harlequin Themes:
False Relationship Start, Twins, Movie Industry

It's rare I rate a Harlequin five stars. This one was excellent and it's a shame that it looks like the author wrote so little and I can't find out much about her. The story was fun - one twin sister has to fill in for the other on some minor movie scenes to save her career. They're convinced their ruse will work, but will it? 

The heroine is sweet and I loved her personality, except for a few moments at the end where she grew frustrating. The hero was awesome too with his personality and he was convincingly written as a dynamic individual it would be easy to fall for. The scenes were all tensed and there's plenty of buildup toward the inevitable. The ending was not eye-roll inducing, melodramatic, or cliche - it was sweet and a little funny at the same time. Excellent Harlequin.

By Lynne Graham ★★★☆☆

Harlequin Themes:
Sheik, Forced Marriage / Arranged Marriage

A decent novel from Graham, although different from a lot of her stuff. The heroine is spunky and likeable but I do wish there had been a longer opposition before agreeing to his proposal. Some mild steaminess and hot scenes, but what makes the book work well is genuine sweetness toward the end and how the love they feel for each other comes across convincing. The hero is gentler throughout than most of her books and, while he's likeable, he just doesn't stand out. Not many funny moments and I prefer a bit more drama and tension in my Harlequins, but overall this one was a quick read without any annoyances attached.