Sunday Salon: 12/15/13

Past Week - Personal Stuff

The week has flown by. I hope it continues to do so until Christmas week, in which I get two days off from work and get to spend time with the family.  Also so eager for the son to open his presents under the tree, it's hard to resist letting him open early!

The week was basically uneventful, but had a pretty full weekend. Saturday my fiance and I went shopping for new Hermit Crabs and supplies. We stopped at two pet stores and got them a new log, which they love, and two new hermit crabs. Also got the coconut fiber material to mix in with the sand and hopefully help the humidity stay consistency. We went browsing to Books a Million and, while we didn't buy anything, enjoyed ourselves. We tried the new PDQ - it's decent but a bit pricey.

Also caught up with Sons of Anarchy, now finished the finale. Caught up again with Once Upon a Time, just love THAT show, Rumple and Belle reunited, heart sigh.

On a bad note, I can't find my insurance cards. On a good note, when looking for them I found my missing Hollows memorabilia - yay!


 The reading is focusing on finishing all the currently reading on the shelves, so haven't been diving in much, reading a bit here and there to get all the goals done. IT is a long read and two of them are non-fiction, which I usually can't read hours for in a row. Shame on me right?

 Finished the following this week:

  • Hero Worship by Christopher E. Long

    Currently Reading:

    • IT by Stephen King, read some more last night and today
    • Rabid by Bill Wasik, read another chapter
    • Inhuman Condition by Clive Barker - Finished off a short story

     Website Progress

    I spent a decent time on the website this week and weekend.
    I put up the monthly memes and such but they will be shown when the date comes around. Same with reviews, trying to finish it all up.

    Did the 2013 End of the Year Book Survey


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    Until Next Time, Happy Reading!