Favorite New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2013

Based on a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish

Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2013
2013 was a great year for discovering New Authors. I did a challenge in 2013 for finding new authors, one of the challenges I actually did a good job with. Here are 10 of them below.

 I have two of her Omnibus editions - the Dante Valentine and the Lilith St. Crow editions. In December I read the Dante Valentine series and was hooked. I do admit the character starting getting on my nerves big time soon enough and I ended up disliking her, but overall the series is great and I like the author's other characters, creative world, plenty of action without overdoing it, and blending realistic vulnerability with tough fight spirit in the protagonist.

 I read her Young Adult Endure series this year and was blown aware. Admittedly I think the series started weakening by the time it arrived at the fourth book, but I love her writing style and will definitely look for more of her stuff in the future.
 I read one book by her in 2013 - a Paranormal Mystery with a witch in a small town. (It Takes a Witch.) I really like her writing style and want to continue the series, just need to get the rest.

Not a new author at all, but new to me as I read The Invisible Man. Like his writing style and he picks fascinating themes. Looking forward to reading more classics by him.
 A harlequin author who's been around a long time. Considering how many Harlequins I've read and how many she's written, it's surprising I haven't read her before. I like her older stuff a bit better I think but really enjoy her style, the heros especially in the stories.
 I read her debut novel, Those who Save us, and was impressed by the haunting story, writing style, and excellent themes set during the World War 2 and tying into the present day period.

 I have her guide, Book Lust, and really enjoy the librarian's enthusiasm for books and her knowledge of the subject. She's a bit lax on horror (never even read Stephen King) but otherwise she's an excellent resource. Would like more of her book guides.
 Speak has been out for awhile but I read it for the first time this year and am so glad I did. The internal monologue style of writing, revealing bits at a time, and dealing with something so powerfully was a fascinating read. I also dug her encouragement during Banned Book Week this year.

 I read a short story by her in My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding. I've heard of her of course, but this short was my favorite and it's definitely urged me toward speeding to more of her stuff.

Graveminder had some character flaws but I was impressed with the author's ability to create a fascinating, different sort of world while retaining Gothic atmosphere.