Bout of Books: Double Date Book

Hosted by Writing My Own Fairy Tale

The Rules for the Challenge:

You must pick two books that you would recommend someone read together (like a double date!) and explain your reasons for the recommendation. You can recommend the books because they are in the same genre, one is a retelling of the other, they deal with the same issues, or maybe they're complete opposites, whatever you want as long as you can explain why they should be read together. Just one exception: they cannot be books from the same series. You can leave your answers in the comments or post your answers wherever you're posting your Bout of Books updates and leave the link in the comments. Then make sure you fill out the Rafflecopter! And don't forget to have fun with it! I can't wait to see all the pairings you guys come up with!

My Contribution:

Two excellent first books in established series surrounding shapeshifters, both with female leads, both with male alphas, but both are them completely different worlds and stories.

Magic Bites introduces Kate, a tough, sword-wielding, magic using fighter who starts working for 'The Pack,' led by the shapeshifter and mucho-alpha Curran. Each book in the series leads further toward the arching major storyline, Roland and his terror.  Kate is tough as nails and sometimes a bit too abrasive, Curran is awesome with his lines and appeal. The other characters help make this the addicting series it is, as well as epic finale battles in each book, saucy lines, plenty of action, an unusual magic world that's completely broken, divided, and unpredictable.

Mercy Thompson is a loner, outcast auto mechanic with a sweet disposition, a werewolf alpha for a neighbor, and a vampire pal for a customer who drives a Scooby Doo Van. With cute lines and quirky humor, this series delves into the serious side of things more than you'd think by description alone. Not every book is a winner, especially if it's too focused on the fae storylines, but Mercy is one of the best heroines in Urban Fantasy fiction for her down to earth attitude, compassionate personality, and independent but not obnoxious outlook.