The Wind Raider by Richard Finney

(Book #1)

The Cataclysm caused millions to die.
Those who survived - Fought for what remained.
Humanity is at the brink of extermination.
There is only one hope for a last stand.
But the best weapon doesn't care about - Saving Humanity.
His sole purpose in life is revenge.
Tristan Moir became known as -
The Wind Raider.
When you control the wind - You can save a species.

Another excellent book from Richard Finney, this one heavily illustrated by Gabriel Hardman. It was easy to fly through this one; the writing style is poetic, effective, and to the point to complement the action going on in the story. The small illustrations surrounded by the text are detailed, loaning a graphic novel vibe.

It's a set-up type of book where there is still much to uncover with future novels. Each chapter is separated by the code of the Ki Warriors, which was a nice nod in the fantasy genre direction. I always liked stories involving the wind and powers with the elements, so that’s another bonus in the novel’s favor.

Society has been savaged and the world is not a friendly place to exist and struggle to survive in. I’m curious how the role of the Ki Warriors and those with the power of controlling the wind will clash with the surviving residents and to see what’s really going on and what will happen. I’m guessing the child may be a savior of sorts, but there is another contender who may be another savior, Tristan, where little is revealed but much is curious.

I enjoyed the main character, Jake, who as a young boy is more than he seems. When the story is shown through his eyes the book gets a childlike sense, which fits in well with the illustrations. There is a darkness present with many of the events, and I have a feeling that darkness is waiting for Jake as well after the ending.

As with most of Finney’s books, genres cross each other to unveil a story that’s far from formulaic. Multiple viewpoints are used, but they’re switched at the right areas to keep this from being distracting, giving just enough to add to the mystery and interest of the storyline. It ends on the edge of a continued adventure, one I look forward to continuing when the next book is released.