Guilty Pleasures

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Oh, I have tons of guilty pleasures. I'm typically a pretty self-indulgent person -although I try not to be! With little motivation this can be a struggle. There are some things I indulge in when only certain moods warrant it, though, which makes those okay.

Well, more specifically, COKE and PEPSI. Yes, they're horrible for you. I mean, really horrible. But I developed a taste for them at a young age and it's a tough habit to break. I find a tall glass of iced coke extremely refreshing when I need to relax or need a boost. I especially like some fountain sodas. Yum, yum, but bad, bad.

I've never liked diet sodas or any other sodas really - dislike Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, and others. I'm pretty basic and predictable with the soda I enjoy.

I can sleep in like it's nobody's business. On the weekends if I don't set my alarm, I usually end up sleeping to a ridiculous hour in the day, even with enough sleep the night before! Don't know what it is, maybe I just don't get enough sleep during the week, but sleeping in is definitely a guilty pleasure I indulge in every once in awhile.

You may only live once, but don't waste it all sleeping!

Cinnamon Lattes - I really, really, really enjoy these. I love to indulge at coffeeshops and at home with them. I'm not a coffee fan - I love the smell of freshly ground coffee, freshly brewed coffee, and I enjoy making it. I just don't like the stuff by itself. Likewise, I don't like drinking milk by itself. But blend coffee and milk together? I'm in love. And I definitely leave the whipped cream off, that doesn't belong in lattes at all. Yech.

I remember in a Hollows book where Minias ordered a latte. I got so curious about it and tried it - ever since, it has been my staple coffee. Cinnamon latte with whole milk, light on the foam, double expresso, Italian blend, extra cinnamon. Delicious!