Life of a Blogger - Future Goals

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Plans For the Future

Good grief, I didn't realize until doing this how many goals I do have. Go me!

I have been meaning to lose weight forever and have been slowly changing my diet, my eating habits, and walking more. I also finally got a mat and some equipment to help along. So, we shall see. It's hard to do but if others have done it, I keep asking myself, why can't I?

 I want to finish my Associate's degree. I went back to school after 10 years. My first two classes I got high A's. I just need to study Algebra and retake the test so I can get back to more classes this year. It will be a long time for degree since I'll go slowly while working and do it online...but it will be worth it when done and I enjoy school.

I used to dabble with Polymer Clay and really, really enjoyed it. I have been meaning for years to get back into it big time. I want to do all kinds of Holiday stuff, things for the household, villages, themes, you name it. I really love it. I need to practice and get this done.

Also, I have soooo many crafts in the bookish area I want to do, and household crafts. Check out my Pinterest board for tons.

I've always loved long hair and always have it. I have a lot of hair toys now as well. I also have a folder full of hairstyles and been a member of a hair forum for years. I need so much practice to do this right, however, and never practice enough for it. I want a goal of getting it down pat so I can use these hair toys and wear different styles throughout the year.

I have SO much work to do in the house. I want to get the other room build, redo the living room, a bathroom, so many rooms, so little time.

I want to make excellent lattes at home. I haven't mastered this year but it's a lot of fun to practice :)

I've always wanted to learn Spanish. Would be great to learn all the romantic languages (French and Italian) but not sure my brains up for it.

I want to start a beautiful garden around my house. I want a trailing plant along the porch for privacy and beauty and do indoor gardening on both porches, and bushes and other flowers throughout the yard. I am such a huge novice at this so it will take tons of practice.

This may sound silly since I already read quite a bit, but I'd love to get into a consistent routine where I know I would end up reading a lot more. Computers suck up so much time!

I definitely want to save money. I need thousands for security. It would be nice to have a savings in case of disaster but also to do some fun stuff.

I used to make homemade soaps and would love to get back into it and improve.

I've always wanted to learn expert web design.

I've always wanted to see a play and see a ballet.

Well, there you have it - some goals for me. I'm tired just looking at all of them, but fortunately all of them are pretty fun to do.