Life of a Blogger - If you could live anywhere...

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I haven't traveled too much. When I was a kid, my parents took me through southern states to get to others. I was born in Mississippi but we left that at a year old to North Carolina for five years; there, I have some of my favorite memories of childhood. Following that, we headed to Georgia for a year or so, then to Florida where we've stayed. In my early twenties I lived in West Virginia four months in Martinsville. I've seen a tiny bit of Pennsylvania but not enough to give me an accurate impression.

Where I'd love to live the most is back in North Carolina or somewhere comparable - mountains, lakes, fresh air, wilderness, peacefulness. As I was older we got to visit on vacations and every time it felt like coming home. I felt amazingly inspired and creative when I stood outside a rented porch at Christmas one year.

The coolest thing ever would be to live in a cabin type or Victorian home type near the woods. I'd like to live in a small town but a town which is near a larger, busier one.

To me Florida doesn't have real seasons - which makes me sad. I want changing leaves falling on the ground and a longer autumn, a more true Spring.

Look at these TREES!

It would be perfect - tons of trees, lush grass, huge fields, creek rocks. I just wouldn't look forward to the snow...

On the other hand, if I ever had money, I'd love to spend half of my weekends on a sailboat or something on the water. I LOVE the water. I don't like swimming at the beach part, but seeing the water from the pier makes me mesmerized. Being in the bright sun, with the gentle waves, beautiful wind, seagulls, a glass of iced tea, a book, and some snacking food would make a blissful Sunday wouldn't it?

I guess if I ended up in the mountains away from the Florida ocean, I could do a canoe or something in the lake. Much cheaper. Not quite the same, however, but I'm sure it would still be divine.


I guess during the snow I could do what a lot of people do - head south for the warmer weather in the winter. I never see myself having THAT much money though. Don't see how people do it. But one can always dream.

Likewise, besides the cold, I always thought Maine looked really cool and mixed so much together in the elements -

I also always found states like Colorado and Michigan beautiful looking.

So many places to visit that I'd love to live - perhaps someday I'll get to travel around a bit.

It's funny - people always talk about wanting to travel to foreign counties, which I'd love to do, but I would be more than happy to do tourist travels through the states HERE, there's SOO much I haven't seen in my own country.