(Dante Valentine, #4)

Saint City has always been Dante Valentine's home. It's where she grew up, it's where her dead are buried, and it's where she learned to hunt.
Now, one call from an old friend will bring her back to investigate a murder too close to home for anyone's comfort. But the one person she trusted has just betrayed her. 

Sometimes revenge is best served demon-hot...

I greatly enjoyed this series when it started, but the third starting kindling a fire in me against the protagonist. This one simply transformed it into all consuming RAGE.

For, you see, I hate Dante Valentine. She is ridiculously irritating. She's always a jumbled mess - never trusting Japh when he's there but angry if she wakes up and he's gone. She knows about all there is to know about what she is, but keeps running around moaning she doesn’t know enough. She doesn’t trust anyone. She kills with ease, even people who are nice to her. She has little emotion and is incredibly selfish.

I like the stories but I always found the connection she felt with Eve the Androgyne and the story with all that dumb. In this book it interfered even more – SIGH. Dante’s stupidity and dreadful attitude made my rage ignite several times, while other times at least it was a slow simmer so I could enjoy it overall.

There’s not as much action anymore as Dante obsesses and then re-obsesses about her relationship drama and trust issues. Egads.

Also, another dark streak from the author as two friends are killed off for a point not easily digested. I just don’t understand Dante’s instant attraction to these children she’s never met either. Sure, as babies and children we should care about them, but she’s so fast to throw anyone out of her life for the “love” she has for a child she thinks is her (so annoying) and this new child she hasn’t even seen yet and just learned about.

For pros, I loved the Selene stuff, that’s an interesting twist. The author has woven a complex world for the demons but, to me, could have explored necromancy more (her version, not Anita Blakes). She also doesn’t have other supernatural creatures besides psychics and witch type abilities.

The author also ended on an annoying cliffhanger like a tv show, which I find cheating in the way it's done. To me this book was an annoying continuation of the last books’ distrust from Dante, and she even gets worse here.