(Dante Valentine, Book #5)

Dante Valentine has been through Hell. Literally. Her body shattered and her mind not far behind, she's dumped back into her own world to survive--or not--as a pawn in one of Lucifer's endless games.

Unfortunately, he's just messed with the wrong Necromance. And this time she's mad enough to do something about it.

This time, the Devil will pay.

After how much I hated Dante in the last book, I was pleased to see she’s mainly – and I mean, mainly – decent in this one. She does come across at the end as the very unlikeable protagonist again. Seriously, I dislike her so much. With her IQ and personality, don’t see how she can keep anyone in her life. The ending really irritated me until the epilogue. Dante is a rage filled, moronic, selfish person who does so much without thinking about it first and the blindly accepts kindness from people around her who are actually more decent than she is.

This book is a bit better than the other because the story is a good one, some of the angst is shaken off to deal with plot and story. Tension is high and stakes are driven up. There is an epic ending battle. I just wanted to laugh in Dante’s face and say haha! See, everyone knew this very obvious thing in all the books except YOU, it was SOOOO obvious. Grrrr.

And finally at the last page you see there really isn’t much left for her to know about what she’s become – the thing she’s been whining about for three books almost non-stop. She knew everything already so we had all that unneeded angst for nothing. For the love of reading, WHY did the author put me through that then, WHY?

Why a decent rating then? Well, this book was hard to put down. I have invested in all the books so I wanted to finish it to the finale, which was a good one. The ride in this book was decent with discoveries, travels, and trials. Angst is slightly less so this is a pleasant surprise. Well, until the last half (sigh)

Overall the ending is nice and this is worth it to finish the series if you’ve read it thus far. I’m glad I read the series overall but ended up disliking it much more than liking it when it was all said and done. The first book or so filled me with excitement, but the last three filled me with annoyance and frustration. Weird mix from a book series.