5 Exiles Graphic Novel Reviews

The Exiles are a series of comics that were put into graphic novels. I don't have the complete series, but I do have a decent amount of them. Still have a few to read, but wanted to put up the collection I have read and reviewed so far.

VOLUME 3:  Out of Time

"The Exiles consist of heroes pulled from alternate times and universes who are sent to correct problems in the multiverse. Led by Blink from the popular storyline X-Men: Age of Apocalypse, they must set events in each world on their proper course or risk themselves being 'blinked' out of existence."

It's been so long since I've read a graphic novel. I have a bunch of the Exiles that I bought cheap (way too cheap, trust me, the store didn't know the value of what they were selling.) Win for me. It still took me a ridiculously long time to start reading these. I wish I could have started with the first, but while I got lucky enough to get most of the series, they didn't have all of them.

It was easy enough to jump into the story. A group of superheroes were yanked out of their happy world where they actually mattered, and are forced to band together, "obey rules" and be sent to different worlds to perform a task, and then be zapped back again. If they continue to perform these tasks, one day they will be free to return to their own world, families, and loves.

Each story is good. The ending showdown is with the big baddie Mojo, who is just weird and gross. Nocturne's life is depressing with flashbacks and events. You get into the head more with Mimic and I find him perhaps my favorite character so far. Meeting WeaponX in a showdown story was also cool - another world hopping team forced together, including Spiderman.

The humor is fabulously adult. There's a few instances of bleeped profanities, pornography discussion, and a male member whining about not getting some despite most of the team being female. Plenty of action takes place and each story stands out individualized.

 VOLUME 4:  Legacy

"They are the Exiles, reality hopping nomads forced to repair the broken chain of time. In each new universe they travel to the team must complete a mission before moving on. Their only guide is the mysterious Tallus, a bracelet talisman that provides guidance, although sometimes oblique, as to what the Exiles are to rectify.To fail at a mission means returning to their original worlds -- forced to live a life in a fractured timeline. If they succeed, the team moves to the next reality and the next mission. Their final goal is to repair each member's own timeline and return to it.The dangers they face are real. Some may never return home. In this adventure, The Exiles face their greatest challenge to date... a world overtaken by the Legacy Virus. The team loses one of its most valuable members...and the loss sends them into a tailspin."

As before the Exiles are intriguing, but Weapon X may even interest me more, even if they're shown less. The Tony Stark ending tale held the most promise but was a little disappointing, although the ending of it rocked in a haunting note. Humor is again rich with Morph, romance of a dark sort exists amongst some characters, and there's a loss already (depressing). Curious how they will exist without that person in the graphic novels to come.

 VOLUME 5: Unnatural Instincts

 "The Exiles continue their ride across the timestream, trying to fix things so they can go home again."

 Of course it figures I was missing the book before this one, so that this one starts with a freaking DEATH. Yep, missed something. Anyway, another good and enjoyable Exiles. There are two lengthy stories and one short at the end that stands out as bizarre. It's not the best offering of the group, but it was enjoyable. There's a new blonde chick who I dislike - too abrasive.

The first story is lengthy and so-so, Morph being the best thing about it as usual with funny lines but not used nearly enough.

The second features Wolverine and a crossover with the modern day, in our world, X-Men. I have to wonder about the art with the "tucked tail" werewolves. There is a moral to the story that's more obvious and simple than most of the previous stories. That doesn't quite work to fit into the theme, but it was interesting enough.

The third is a bizarre and creepy little thing. Completely different kind of artwork, very cartoonish, but I liked the style for some reason. I also thought the short tale was intriguing. Nothing complex about it and it was certainly shorter than the rest, but the dark tones and throwbacks made it enjoyable.

 VOLUME 7: A Blink in Time

"BLINK IS BACK! Their long-lost leader makes her triumphant return -- but the reality-hopping heroes don't have time to celebrate, because the fate of an entire world is at stake, and it's their job to save it! Is Blink's presence enough to tip the scales in the Exiles' battle with a startling new menace?"

Enjoyable but not my favorite. 

There is a lengthy back story for Nocturne. Usually I like these but this one wasn't holding my interest. The Exiles and Weapon X are merged into a surprising situation that is series changing. 

Glad to see Blink has returned, even though I can't really figure out why or how that's possible. 

 VOLUME 9: Bump In The Night

"The Exiles enter into a world of swords and sorcery that any true X-fan will enjoy! Guest-starring the villainy of Kulan Gath! Plus: Ego the Living Planet - a father?! It's up to the Exiles, the Avengers, and the Fantastic Four to keep the Earth from becoming Ego Junior! Finally, a seemingly trivial, low-key mission spirals into a cataclysmic, universe-shattering disaster...all because of a Danish?! It's the Exiles' most hilarious adventure yet!"

The inconsistency of the stories made this one harder to enjoy than the earlier ones. The first tale especially lagged with pacing and a somewhat silly idea for a story. It was in two parts and took up half the graphic novel too, so yeah...obviously I didn't enjoy it as much. The third story was strange and less action filled but I enjoyed the theories behind it of subtle domino effects changing things in major ways. The graphics on the last page of this story with the mini Thor and other characters was so surprising and cute I giggled.

Finally, Bump in the Night is broken into three parts. It's a pretty dark story and a lot of characters come into play, including of a form of Ghost rider, cool to see. We get another version of Spiderman, this one not a psycho killer. The fight with that one was intriguing enough and I enjoyed the dark story.

The final story with Tanaraq is weaker again but was thankfully short. Dr Octopus makes an appearance and amused me with his sensibility to cut tail and run. The end of the graphic novel shows a deepening suspicion of the time keeper and what his purpose is. Where has he been and what's really in store for everyone?