(Kara Gillian, #6)

Who can Kara Gillian trust?

That’s what she’d like to know. Demon summoner and now a consultant for the FBI, Kara Gillian has spent the past several months in the demon realm training while recovering from the treachery of the demonic lord Rhyzkahl. Yet though the torment and betrayal she suffered at his hands continues to plague her, she’s not about to let that slow her down.

Kara returns to Earth to search for a fellow summoner being held by allies of Rhyzkahl. Aiding in the hunt are Kara’s friends, FBI agents Ryan Kristoff and Zack Garner. However, Kara and Zack know Ryan’s true identity—though he himself does not—and questions of loyalty threaten to tear apart their previously close-knit group. Rhyzkahl’s machinations run deeper than they could have ever imagined, and the search for the missing summoner takes on a desperate edge while dangers from ancient demon oaths loom and enemies increase in power and numbers.

Armed with her skills, wit, and attitude, it is up to Kara to save her friends and her world.

The price of failure will be her soul.

After being incredibly underwhelmed by the fifth book, I wasn't that excited going into this one. I'm happy to say the thick book has improved a lot since it's last sequel.

While in the last book Kara had become unlikeable, she tones it down in here, acting with a more compassionate and less raunchy side as she splits her time between the demon realm and Earth. Most of her time is spent here, so it was a welcome change to see Ryan and everyone again.

Even more delightful is the fact that she brings some of the demon side here to help, including Lord Mzatal. In the past book his mentor vibe was strong and the chemistry made little sense, but here I enjoyed their relationship a lot. His personality shined through the pages brightly and he stole scenes whenever he was around. There were two new characters that held an intriguing history and personalities, I loved their intro into the story.

There is a major change with Ryan so fans of him should be happy. I never cared much for him, he seemed lackluster in Rhyzkahl's shadow in the earlier books, but now the character is more fascinating and I can't wait to see what develops with him.

It's not just fighting on the demonic level, as Kara is back to detective work (even if she's not exactly a detective anymore), and uncovering the mystery with scenes and surprises was a delight and similar to the first books. By doing this the author returned to the her roots but she didn't skip continuing on the demon realm level from the last one, as that's here too (hate when authors do that.) She focuses on everything still and much happens in both worlds to make me excited about the next one.

Plenty of depressing grit and dark stuff that befits Urban Fantasy series like this, and of course there is humor present when it's needed again (have to love Fuzzykins the cat and the humorous areas of the books). It's a nice break through with the grim stuff and taking a break. The characters seemed fully alive and developing at realistic rates - with a rich story that was nearly impossible to put down and gripping with its tension, I am again in love with this series.

Redemption, thy name is "fury of the demon."

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