Universal Monster Cafe Part 1

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Universal Monster Cafe Part 1

I can't begin to describe how amazing the interior and exterior design of this cafe was at Universal Horror Nights. I took a ridiculous amount of pictures but they don't show the epic awesomeness. I'm such a Universal Monster dork so this was a cafe I latched onto with fangirl glee. Of course the pricing was ridiculously expensive, but it was a theme park so what else can be expected?

I took a lot of pictures (not all I'll display) and split into two posts for bandwidth reasons. Image heavy, but the Universal Monsters and a cafe as creative as this deserves it.

Part Two is Here

 The Outside

On the outside they have an epic sign, statues of the Creature, Wolfman, and Frankenstein holding food, and at night the two featured posters light up. They have an outside patio area with a metal gate, and an electric wooden chair to sit in for props at the front.

Creature Cave

My favorite was, of course, the Creature from the Black Lagoon area. The mural painted behind the main seating area was incredibly detailed and large.

It wouldn't be complete without a lifesize creature statue behind a  glass display case.

Cool to have the Creature from the black lagoon playing, as well as countless other props in the area.

 Check out Counter

Even the check out counter was fun with a Frank head sculpture above some of the food, posters and potions.

This Island Earth Section


Wolf Man Area

I love the large, foggy display, the Wolf Man Statue, and the various displays.

Phantom of the Opera

 This area was smaller but still nice.