Universal Monster Cafe Part 2

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Universal Monster Cafe Part 2

I can't begin to describe how amazing the interior and exterior design of this cafe was at Universal Horror Nights. I took a ridiculous amount of pictures but they don't show the epic awesomeness. I'm such a Universal Monster dork so this was a cafe I latched onto with fangirl glee. Of course the pricing was ridiculously expensive, but it was a theme park so what else can be expected?

I took a lot of pictures (not all I'll display) and split into two posts for bandwidth reasons. Image heavy, but the Universal Monsters and a cafe as creative as this deserves it.

Part One is Here


Being one of the more famous monsters, they went all out with Frankenstein. A large display behind glass like the Wolfman and Creature, but also a fireplace and pop art display and other items, including a large movie screen.

Dracula's Castle Area

Surprisingly they didn't have any large Dracula statue, but they did go all out with the seating area.

The Mummy

When it comes to wall displays, they redesigned the texture, colors, and wall details the most with The Mummy.

Mockingbird Lane - The Munsters

A small area but glad they threw a small tribute to the Munsters in there.

Even The Bathrooms were Nifty!