Sad news

I haven't been particularly active the last month on here, my apologies about that. Went through a minor reading and blogging slump. Now this past week another reason that I haven't been on here, but a much more depressing one.

I received horrible news last Sunday night - the man I dated for almost six years, who I recently ended the romantic part of our relationship with - was killed in a motorcycle accident. It was a sudden shock to the system and has been very difficult to deal with emotionally. I will always miss him - his laugh, his smiles, our League of Legends and WOW battles, our TV show marathons, the books we read together, the times we went to the movies, the house we had such dreams of improving together, all the nights, all the days, and all that made him. I rest assured that he is at peace and okay, but know it is the ones who are left behind who suffer and continue to grieve.

I think there will always be a part of me that is just shocked and can't fully believe it. I know time balms the soul, and he will always be in my heart.

It is not a "blog" or even reading related issue, but I wanted to share it here, another place where my heart lives.

I am happy that when he visited he said he was leaving the box set for the Game of Throne series I bought him for Christmas two years ago. He knew I hadn't read them yet and was letting me borrow them. Likewise, I let him borrow and continue reading a book we had bought in the bookstore together just weeks before, Infinite Crisis: The novel by Greg Cox. He was so excited to find that series there, so we bought the first two. He was going to read it first, me after.

Our enthusiasm for the superheroes will be missed. I am bummed that we will not be able to see the new Batman and Superman movie together. So many things go through the mind during a time like this. I won't get that book back as his family took his belongings - and that is okay, because it feels wrong somehow to get it back anyway. I want to buy another copy and regard it as a special book on my shelf because of what it signifies, just like the Edgar Allan Poe book I have to remind myself of a best friend, John, who passed away a few years back.

You just never know when death will knock on the door - sudden shocks like this are worse in a way. I am so happy he didn't suffer at all and it was instant.