This month told in Instagram


I have totally gotten into gardening for this year. It's something I've always wanted to do. I invested in a water fountain from Home Depot. Hopefully it keeps working okay and I can keep it up well. I love the details on the little boy. I also planted some pavers and lifted it slightly, along with the little solar lights and some new plants. The front purple leaved plants are Persian Shield, and the lavendar mona is in the middle. The yellow plants in the back are Lantana "New Gold." My Chinese Fringe flower bushes still aren't doing well, although the right and left ones are growing better, the center still seeming in shock and not doing well. I put a new Croton bush in a planter, heard those are hardy. 

On the left side is the porch stand for three plants i Have which I love. The middle is the new cactus and succulent arrangement for the table (love it). On the far right is the picture of the McDonalds patio where I eat outside for lunch everyday at work. Okay, I don't EAT there everyday, but I drink there and spend my hour.

I have been reading more comics this month - visited The Comic Emporium in my town for the first time. That is their window display on the left side. In the middle is the Kindle with a Superman War comic cover. On the right is the Superman for all seasons graphic novel I picked up from the store. Also been reading a lot of fanfiction :) 

The left shows the Chop Shop, which may very well have the best burgers in town. Seriously, this place is so delicious. I went there with my friend Melissa. In the middle are quesidillas from eating dinner with my friend Susan out at Chili's. On the left side was going with mom to Cracker Barrel - they pretty much have the best desert ever, an apple crumble with pecan crust. SOOOO good.

The left is one of many pictures from Employee Appreciation week. My company goes way out. On Monday we had a breakfast, shown here. On Tuesday an ice cream social hour. Wednesday was a two hour health fair - my screening was healthy (yay!) Thursday  we had two hours of outside games, Papa Johns Pizza, a desert contest, and music. Friday we got to shut down the office at 11:30 and go to Curtis Peterson Park for a picnic in a screened in pavilion. After that I took a ridiculous amount of pictures at the natural trail, which will be in a post of its own eventually. 
In the middle is the church we went to for Easter Sunday (My mom and I)

On the left is the sun halo from Holy Week's Wednesday, so beautiful and a rare occurance.

 Two of these pictures are from the Black and Brew, a coffeeshop in Munn Park that we went to a few months in April. It's awesome. They have great lattes and frapes. Their deserts are a little pricey for me though. On the left is 2 Easter Baskets donated to our company for children for the month and Easter.

It has been very hot in Florida this month - the heat is coming early. In the center is a cat that basically owns, guards, and controls the SPCA, where we spent a Saturday with my mom's cat and an ear infection. On the left is the largest zucchini I've ever seen, two cucumbers laid beside it to  give an example of it's sized, gifted to me from a garden.

Finally, In April I inherited my mother's car when she bought a new one and mine broke down completely. This is the butterfly front license tag I need to attach. The middle is my son's pricey but filled with candy Easter Basket for Easter 2014. And finally a cute picture of Malz cuddling in the chair.

Overall April has been a pretty good month.