Zombies by Russ Thorne

(No Series)

Zombies continue to morbidly fascinate, through books, film and also TV. Major current film releases such as World War Z and television series such as 'The Walking Dead' and 'In The Flesh' are evidence of the public's insatiable hunger to watch, from the comfort of their sofas, these lurching, shuffling, horrifying flesh eaters. This exciting new book wittily takes the reader through the rise of the zombie, from its vampire-like beginnings in early literature, through the birth of Romero's walking dead in Night of the Living Dead to its comical portrayal in 'zomcoms' (think Shaun of the Dead). As you read, enjoy an eye-grabbing selection of artworks portraying the modern zombie in all its post-apocalyptic doom and dread.

Incredible artwork and I loved the books layout and feel. 

A lot of lesser knowns - and of course well knowns - are covered, but it doesn't get too in-depth into them. It covers pretty much everything, even zombie walks, but kind of feels all over the place with the timeline of events. 

I am curious about the artwork described from old paintings and will have to look them up since, for some reason, the book didn't include them. Maybe a rights issue?

Overall a great nonfiction book for zombie fans, but mainly filled with pictures rather than text.


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