Mailbox Monday - Covering a few months

Mailbox Monday is a weekly meme started by Marcia years ago, and has since jumped to different hosts.  It's a post to showcase books and book-related items gathered through the previous week.

Warning: Mailbox Monday can lead to envy, toppling TBR piles and humongous wish lists.
Wow, I haven't done a Mailbox monday for months. I took pictures to do one in February but never did. So much has been happening off line this year that has kept me away from the site, and I just haven't done one of these posts. I'm going to settle for a recap of a few months instead of by the week for this time.

Some of these are from photos and some will just be the covers because of this. Otherwise I could skip it but then my OCD on books gets a little twitchy later. *twitch, twitch*

February Library Book Sale

Last year in 2013, I bought hundreds at the library book sale. This year there weren't as many I was interested in, I only got to attend one day instead of two, and I was trying to hold back some because of room.

In case you're curious, here is the link to the 2013 massive haul

As you can see,  I mainly got mysteries. Last year my friend grabbed a lot of these cat themed mysteries, but this year she didn't attend and they had several more, which I grabbed. Sorrow to the Grave looks so good and is a predecessor in a way to Misery by King.

Ever since reading The Godfather, I've been wanting more of Mario Puzo. I've been wanting to recollect old VC Andrews series, which is why I rebought Seeds of  Yesterday.

Books a Million Store Shopping

These were new buys on two trips. I've always wanted to read Mercedes Lackey. Melissa bought me last years Patricia Briggs now that it is on paperback for my birthday in February, and I bought Shadowfever since I was reading the series and collecting those books.

52 is part of the Infinity Crisis series Nathan and I were going to read before he died in May.

Used Book Store Shopping Finds

 These I ordered from Abe Books to finish the new book I bought new from Books-a-Million

Some finds at the bookstore

I really love CS Lewis!

When reading the Shadowfever series, I found this Irish mystery anthology book - score. Can't wait to read any of these finds, love Jonathan Kellerman, and always found Ray Charles to be interesting.

So many books, so little time!