2014 Summer Reading Program Themes/Posters Released

Yeah, I'm pretty late with this post. Last year I did it in 2013 in May. But better late than never, right?

I never see many people focusing on this kind of stuff but, even if I don't participate in my local library's reading challenge, I find the graphics and events interesting, especially for children. It's a big book thing to look forward to each year, with artists being hired to create unique themes and events which will never be repeated. The same goes for the art and themes for Children's Book Week each year.

Last year's theme was Dig into reading, so there were a life of science displays and projects to get children more into books. The teens had beneath the surface, which concentrated more on the mystery side of things. Finally, adults had groundbreaking reads, which was awesome and focused on things "coming out of the ground," highlighting the popular zombie craze.

This year? Well, we stay with the science scene but take it to the lab and get some great cartoonish art. I love the art and display ideas.

Fizz, Boom, Read!

Split into FOUR sections:

  • Fizz, Boom, Read - Early Literacy Program
  • Fizz, Boom, Read - Children's Program
  • Spark a Reaction - Teen Program
  • Literary Elements - Adult Section

I like how the children's section focuses on robots (none of us outgrow that, right?) and fun with creation.

What do you think of this year's theme? 

Personally I like the ideas behind it, especially for the children. The adult's I prefered last year, but I do like the play on "Literary Elements."

Check out Some Library Display Pins for this theme: