(Weather Warden, #1)
Published 2003

Joanne Baldwin is a Weather Warden - waves her hand to tame the most violent weather. Now she races against accusations of corruption and murder. Her only hope is Lewis, the most powerful warden known. Because he stole three bottles of Djinn, he is now the most wanted criminal on earth. Can she find him before the bad weather closes in?

“People talk about nature as a mother, but to me she's always been Medea, ready and willing to slaughter her children.”

This unusual Urban Fantasy has a modern day world where there are special people who possess the power to control the elements. They work together to make sure the weather never gets too out of control, to where Mother Nature isn’t a trustworthy beast that regulates on her own; instead she poses a threat of breaking apart our world any time, so subtle control is always needed to keep things in store and balanced.

As with most stories where there's a governing group, corruption has nestled in the ranks. Joanne as the main character is one of the more powerful, young and on the run, suspected for something not her fault, seeking out another renegade who may be able to help her out of her tricky predicament.

“Me and normal have never really been on speaking terms.”

Some of the plot surprises I had guessed ahead of time, one or two I hadn’t. A lot goes on in the pages, the story is complex with characterization, tension, and ending, but I do think it took a little too long to get there. Joanne was on the run and internally musing for awhile, flashing back often on the story of how she got there, which works to small doses but not as the entire first half the book! This is the main reason for the 3.5 star rating over a 4.

The genies are intriguing and I’d love to learn more about them. Joanne is a worthy main character who comes across realistically portrayed, easy to sympathize with, and a suitable main for an Urban Fantasy series. The villains made sense in their motivations and were awesome with their battles.

Using the wind, earth, and fire as weapons in fights and plots is effective. There’s just something in our nature attracted to these elements and stories surrounding them. The battle at the end is especially brilliant when the different powers battle each other.

I liked the end, for there is a large transformation for the main character. I’m curious  where the rest of the stories are heading.

   Book Quotes:

“Well, now I'm all jealous. I wish I had little voices in my head. Guess I'll just have to settle for people really being out to get me." 

“Fire is always ready to burn the hand it warms.” 

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