Vacation Feature: Universal Studios (Orlando, FL) Part 1

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Universal Studios
Orlando, Florida

 Before they were movies, they were books...

Gage, my mom and I were blessed to be able to attend one of the most magical places in the world this summer, Universal Studios. I love this place, always have, always will. The last time I had went they still had King Kong and Jaws; I was pregnant and 21 years old. Now, over ten years later, a lot of the park has changed. I was more than ready to revisit, this time with my son in tow, who had never been.

Of course I took over 300 pictures, and of course not even 1/4th of those will be presented here. Instead I chose some favorite shots, mainly illustrating stories we fell in love with in book form before they were brought to the screen, to eventually become rides and celebrations in an actual entertainment park. Stunning on the transition and how far they've traveled, in so many mediums for all ages to enjoy.

Dr. Seuss

We all loved him as a child, and the park went all out to make a wonderful Dr. Seuss area of the park when you first enter Islands of Adventure. The section is huge and has a nify train you can ride over the area. There are plenty of stories and a delicious candy store we stopped in first thing. Of course we grabbed an icee from a vendor and took plenty of pictures of the different fountains, store fronts, and shops.

The Cat in The Hat, fully featured for a good reason

 Of Course I Had to see the Dr. Seuss Bookstore!

They did  a great job keeping up the whimsical feel of Dr. Seuss

 The Fountains were some of the best parts of the area. So fun and playful.

Toon Town

Toon Town celebrates the old days of the comics I used to read. I was delighted to see Hi & Lois, wish I still had a book of their comics. They always amused. They did as good of a job with this section, which was large, colorful, bright, and fun.

All the store and restaurant fronts were illustrated with comics.

 Beetle Bailey!

 And, of course, a fun and playful fountain.

Curious George

They have a small water area for Curious George. The 'house' center is a lot of fun. My son tricked me into going into and putting my face into a board for a picture, and then sprayed a shower down on me. The kids would enter the house and stand on the platform to spray water guns. If you waited long enough, the water would empty out of a large bucket. My son and I timed it to get soaked at least three times. It was one of the more fun areas of the park. Due to it's age, hopefully they don't get rid of it soon!