Vacation Feature: Universal Studios, Orlando, FL Part 2

Where I Actually Leave The House

Feature where I post about random places I've been which focuses on places with books, conventions, and other random odds and ends with oodles of pictures, misc. madness, and fun (for me anyway!)




Universal Studios
Orlando, Florida

 Before they were movies, they were books...


Harry Potter

One of the park's biggest features. The castle was amazingly impressive from a distance. The inside was well crafted (and dark!) My son was confused about how they did the three holograms of the kids. All the pictures on the wall had moving images like the movie.

Before the castle, the town was beautifully crafted with snow roofs and shops - an owl shop, wand shops, book shops, endless shops (not all could be entered.)

Here are some of the pictures -


 The Boarding Area, Recreated

The Castle...

The Town

Inside the Castle

Tomes & Scrolls!

Jurassic Park

I ended up riding the ride alone since my son and mother were afraid of the 100 foot drop!

 The Entrance 

 A Dinosaur Image around the Park

Superhero Island

It was a delight to see Marvel Superheroes - I'm a DC fangirl myself, but of course seeing people ride the intimidating Hulk Coaster, Dr Dooms Dropfall, and the 3D Spiderman Ride were fun. We rode the last one and the inside line was the newsroom with desks, spiderman on the TV with the newscast of the doom we were about to face - a lot of fun. Personally I think they did better with Spiderman 3D than the Harry Potter ride.

A comic shop with Captain America.

 Dr. Doom 

 The Best Arcade in the park, we had a lot of fun in here!

 One of my favorite areas of the park - Superheroes outside the comics!

And, Finally, We couldn't forget JAWS....

No longer a ride, but always a feature


Okay, NOT book related, but still an amazing area of the park that I had to slip in