Snark Week: A "Book" is a "Book!"

Day One

Snark Attack! Tell us how you really feel about a particular blogging subject. Let it off your chest. This is your chance to just EXPLODE!

Books Are Called Books!

This isn't another e-book versus book post, it really isn't. I don't care what someone thinks is "better." I'm just tired of books being renamed by those who prefer e-books or who, for some reason I can't figure out, think books are no longer called books after hundreds of years because we now have electronic formats too.

Examples - 
  • Dead Tree Books
  • Print Books
  • Physical Books
  • Paper Books
  • Dead Tree Paper Books

Not that any of these titles are insulting, but why does a book now need a descriptive name when referring to it? It really is just a "book." Does the name suddenly change into something else? Do people not know what a book is called anymore?
A book is a book

If someone WANTED to get technical or argumentative, e-book is pushing the "book" title, but I don't see people calling it anything other than it is. E-Book stands for electronic book, but before the invention of e-book, the definition of book was:

noun: book; plural noun: books
  1. 1.
    a written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers.
    "a book of selected poems"
    synonyms:volume, tome, publication, title; More
    paperback, hardback, pocket book, e-book
    "Nadine and Ian have recommended some good books"
    • a literary composition that is published or intended for publication as a book.
      "the book is set in the 1940s"
    • used to refer to studying.
      plural noun: one's books; plural noun: the books
      "he is so deep in his books he would forget to eat"
    • a main division of a classic literary work, an epic, or the Bible.
      "the Book of Genesis"
    • the libretto of an opera or musical, or the script of a play.
    • the local telephone directory.
      noun: the book
      "is your name in the book?"
    • the Bible.
      noun: the Book
    • informal
      a magazine.
    • an imaginary record or list (often used to emphasize the thoroughness or comprehensiveness of someone's actions or experiences).
      "she felt every emotion in the book of love"
  2. 2.
    a bound set of blank sheets for writing or keeping records in.
    "an accounts book"
    synonyms:notebook, notepad, pad, memo pad, exercise book, workbook; More

With the revival of E-books (I remember when they first came out in my early twenties over ten years ago),  these were also called a form of book since they hold the content that was usually held within a book. Technically, it's an electronic story, not an electronic "book" - since by definition book is physical. You never see people walking around saying E-Story or E-File though! I wouldn't think to do that either, because that's just not their name. 

This has been bugging me lately, so I'm glad I got to rant for "Snark Week." I just shake my head at this trend - I see it on Goodreads, other book blogs, Booklikes. Do people not think it is clear enough to call a book what it is anymore? I would think if anything needed to be specified, if anything is other, it would be the E-book, which derived from the parent and is the newer product that would get the "special name." Well, wait, it already does! E-Book instead of Book! 
Perhaps some do it because they think E-books are superior and are doing subtle digs at those who still love books and haven't fully converted over to the electronic-only side?
Or, some just do it out of habit because it is a trend, and I read too much into this stuff?
 Does anyone have this pet peeve, or is it just me?