Snark Week: You Say Snarknado

Day Three

You Say Snarknado – I say STFU!  Cheesy Tropes, Eye-Roll Inspiring Actions, Words & Phrases that you just wish would stop being used in novels.

Eye-Rolling Inspiring Actions and Cheesy Tropes

Stop with the love triangles - one side of the readers will always lose
Stop with the exclamation points, it's juvenile
Stop with the rushed baby theme in romances, nothing wrong with some alone time first
Stop with the cliffhanger endings that mimic serial TV shows
Stop with the head hopping that begins when the book is almost over - if you decide at the end to suddenly make it third person POV, then be consistent from the beginning.
Stop with unrealistic lightning fizzle between heroine and hero (yuck)

Stop with the weird and just funny sex-organ words in books

 Words and Phrase Examples

Man pipe
Woman Hole
Love hole
And many more unappetizing, cheesy lines...