Gruesome Grub: Halloween Party

Gruesome Grub: Halloween Party Recipes & Pumpkin Patterns rating
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This book may be aimed toward children, kind of, but it's really perfect and ideal for adults who want to make creative food for all ages. The recipes are the shining star in this book - tons of creative recipes with either cute or gross names. They even have the litter box cat recipe cake in here. There are over 36 recipes, from desserts to sandwiches to party drinks. They go all out with detailed ideas and creativity. These are not simple recipes just thrown together. Pretty much everything you'd ever need recipe wise for halloween treats would work for life in this book.

Unfortunately there are no pictures...but I didn't take stars off for that because of the price issue. Since besides just all these recipes, there is a CD in the front with creepy halloween music/sounds for parties AND 10 pumpkin carving patterns, the book would have to be priced too high to be reasonable if you threw in photography of the recipes in there. Have to be realistic here. There are fun illustrations for some of the recipes though.

And the stickers!

 These are not just some cheap stickers, I found them creative and fun, focusing a lot on a Universal Monster type angle. Considering all the other stuff in the book, having all these stickers is a nice bonus.