Nice Girls don't Date Dead Men

(Jane Jameson, #2)

Following Nice Girls Dont Have Fangs, the second in a hilarious, smart, sexy romantic series about an out-of-work librarian who is turned into a vampire.
With her best friend Zebs Titanic-themed wedding looming ahead, new vampire Jane Jameson struggles to develop her budding relationship with her enigmatic sire, Gabriel. It seems unfair that shes expected to master undead dating while dealing with a groom heading for a nuptial nervous breakdown, his hostile werewolf in-laws, and the ugliest bridesmaid dress in the history of marriage.

Meanwhile, the passing of Janes future step-grandpa puts Grandma Ruthie back on the market. Her new fiance;, Wilbur, has his own history of suspiciously dead spouses, and he may or may not have died ten years ago. Half-Moon Hollows own Black Widow has finally met her match.

Should Jane warn her grandmother of Wilburs marital habits or let things run their course? Will Jane always be an undead bridesmaid, never the undead bride?

Basically the book's brownie points are NOT baked by being exciting and layered, but by 'cute episodes' in the life of Jane.

Humorous and almost boring ~ this one needed life sucked into it. Seriously, by page 90 the only things that had happened were uncertainties about a wedding her best friends are having, mild suspicions about her boyfriend, and a few debates with her mother. 90 pages that does not a plot make.

To make it worse, the story continues to 376 pages, with little else happening. More wedding uncertainties, a tiny mystery sneaks in which has little bearing on the character's lives, some more boyfriend struggles, and a death that's made okay because of the afterlife existing.

Sure, I like Jane - she's awesome, after all. She LOVES books so I can't hate her - she used to work in a library, and now is part-time in an occult bookstore. How cool is that? She begins comparing her love life decisions to the characters from Sense and Sensibility. She quotes epic movies. She recognizes Harry Potter lines. She has cute cow pajamas. What's not to like as a person or character? Sadly she isn't interesting as an effing vampire!

Her vamp sire and main squeeze is likeable, too - Gabriel is almost nudging over being more interesting with fangs, but he doesn't make the cut either. None of them do. If you took the vampire angle out of the equation, you could still almost have the same book and story. They are as low key and mild as I've ever seen vampires portrayed. The weres were at least more interesting as they tended to act a little more like the traditional stereotype. The country theme is just funny - their "jokes" on Zed made me laugh a few times.

The families are godawful. Seriously, Jane's sister is terrible. The grandmother too. I would totally cut off that side of the family and not speak to them again. The father is the only one worth a damn. And Jo's family torturing Zeb? No matter how much I loved the fiance, I'd walk. In-laws like that just mean permanent misery, I've learned that painful experience years ago.

Basically the plot is scarce and not exciting, but there are funny times that made me chuckle. The characters are likeable, even if I'm not into the watered down supernatural stereotypes. I'll be continuing with the series to see if the third book improves.

   Book Quotes:

“Did I just get psychically pimp-slapped by a little old lady?” 

“Why is your fiancĂ©e insisting that I dress like Naomi from Mama’s Family?” 

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