BOOK TAG: Would You Rather...?

Originally started at Fuelled by Fiction

Read only trilogies or stand-a-lones?

Oh, most know I'm a series fanatic. I love the things. This is an easy one for me. Trilogies definitely. I never want a good story to end, so at least with trilogies they continue a bit longer. Plus, if I fall in love with a world or characters, more of them  is never a bad thing.

Read only female or male authors?

I'm not a gender picky reader. I rarely pay attention to the gender when picking up a book. That said, I'd have to pick female just because they are the main authors for most books in my favorite genre, Urban Fantasy. Plus, cutting out female authors would cut out most romance and a lot of YA. 

Shop at Barnes-n-Nobles or Amazon?

Amazon.  I haven't nothing against B&N but I've never shopped there online. Also, since I have a kindle, gravitating toward Amazon makes sense. I also buy a lot more than books from them.

All books becomes movies or TV Shows?

I guess TV shows since I read so many series, which can't be given the right justice with a two hour only time slot. 

Read 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?

It's hard for me to read 5 books a week unless I'm on a binge. However, being forced to stop after a mere five pages when I'm into a book would be brutal torture. I'd have to force myself to read more and choose the 5 books a week option.

Be a professional reviewer or author?

If this question guarantees me the talent, I'd choose author. How cool would that be? 

Only read your top 20 favorite books over and over or always read new ones you haven't read before?

I'm a massive re-reader; however, eventually even those books would grow old. I'd have to remember them fondly and bond with new books instead.

Be a librarian or book seller?

Easy! Book seller! Librarians are cool and all, but some libraries are just boring with their fiction selection. Research isn't my thing. Selling fiction would be - plus I could do my dream idea of a bookstore / tea and coffee shop / mini cafe. The best thing to me about being a librarian would be making the displays to honor  books and bookish themes. Booksellers do this too in the store, something I'd overdo with joy.

Only read your favorite genre, or every  genre except your favorite?

One of the harder questions. Hum. I'd hate to give up my favorite genre, but I find I get into ruts if I keep reading the same genre. I'd pick the second option because traits of my favorite genre exist in others.

  Only read physical books or e-books?

Another easy - books for me for sure. I mainly read them anyway over e-books.  

Like many bloggers, I'm not going to bother tagging individual people. Participate if you want - it's fun!