Bookish Related Problems

Based on a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish

Ten Book Related Problems I Have (could be serious or fun!)

Oops, I'm late. Really I don't do these that much since I've been blogging so long and covered so many like it already, but this one looked fun.

❶ Not enough bookshelves. I can never complain about having too many books because, well, really. But I can complain about not enough space and dedicated shelves. I think I have a pretty nice set up but have outgrown it. Can't wait for money and construction to complete for my next  bookish library project.

❷ Always want to read more than I do. I intend to, I try, but I keep  getting sidetracked by this blasted computer, phone calls, and TV show binges.

❸ Reading the first book of a series is always fun, but there's the issue that if I like it, I simply MUST hurry and order the rest of the series to read. Can hurt the budget when I try a new book in a series...

❹ Losing favorite bookmarks - this is always terrible to do, especially when it's one of my favorites. It inevitably happens. Since I changed over the magnetic bookmarks, they don't fall out anymore, but sometimes I leave one behind in a book and can't find it for awhile.

❺ Starting too many books at once. I enjoy doing this but sometimes overdo it, it's like an addiction.

❻ Animals - My pets enjoy destroying my books. Not good.

❼  Reviewing - a lot of times I'm in the mood to read, but not review, so those reviews build up fast. Right now I'm behind about 30. Yikes.

❽  Not enough money to buy as many new books as I'd like. I have to space the new prices few and far between due to finances. Not fun.
❾ Losing a book when you're in the middle of reading it. This may be the worst! 
  And finally, leaving a book at home when you meant to bring it and are really into it. Realizing that when you're out and able to read like planned just sucks.

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