Nice Girls Don't Live Forever

(Jane Jameson, #3)

Nothing sucks the romance out of world travel like a boyfriend who may or may not have broken up with you in a hotel room in Brussels. Jane Jameson's sexy sire Gabriel has always been unpredictable, but the seductive, anonymous notes that await him at each stop of their international vacation, coupled with his evasive behavior over the past few months, finally push Jane onto the next flight home to Half Moon Hollow -- alone, upset, and unsure whether Gabriel just ended their relationship without actually telling her.

Now the children's-librarian-turned-vampire is reviving with plenty of Faux Type O, some TLC from her colorful friends and family, and her plans for a Brave New Jane. Step One: Get her newly renovated occult bookstore off the ground. Step Two: Support her best friend, Zeb, and his werewolf bride as they prepare for the impending birth of their baby...or litter. Step Three: Figure out who's been sending her threatening letters, and how her hostile pen pal is tied to Gabriel. Because for this nice girl, surviving a broken heart is suddenly becoming a matter of life and undeath....

 “When you’ve taken all you can, walk away. Be the bigger person. Or at least find a bigger person.”

Angsty vampires are...well, angsty.

This book seemed shorter and a quicker read than the disappointing second. Not sure why, since there wasn't non-stop action or anything, but it was more enjoyable. There is a small background of danger and mystery throughout most of the story, focusing on an issue of doubt Jane is having with her sire Gabriel. I must say I was surprised when the villains were unveiled at the end. Unrealistic one of them wouldn't have been noticed, very, but with this kind of plotline it's excusable.

Amidst this disaster, Jane deals with trying to join the local community charter and wiggle her way into promotion for the newly opened bookshop. Hilarity and confrontation ensues. There is the meddling of Jane's family one loves to hate, accompanied by the funniest situations of Jolene and Zed's family woes. Seriously, this author writes cringe-worthy relatives.

It wasn't fast paced with tension and Jane honestly didn't seem that upset about relationship issues, but I appreciate that the author didn't have her mope most of the book. That would have just been annoying. Plenty of book and reader references kept me a happy girl. Jolene and Andrea as the buds grew on me even further, I really like both of them and what they bring to the story.

Humor again works and the author has a clear knack for bringing out giggles without seeming forced. There are one or two actual erotic moments, although the book isn't heavy on the bedroom play. Gabriel remains as dreamy as ever. Dick is funny but unrealistic.

These books are light, fluffy fun, good to consume when you don't want anything heavy.

   Book Quotes:

“The two of them shared a look over my head. Gabriel made several threatening faces. Dick responded with rude gestures. Eventually, they looked like two inebriated mimes having a dance off.” 

“You can't worry about the future so much that you miss out on the present.”