(Cirque Du Freak, #8)

It was an age of war. After six hundred years of peace, the vampire and vampaneze had taken up arms against each other in a brutal, bloody battle to the death. Only three vampires stood a chance of stopping the Vampaneze Lord. They were the Prince, Vancha March; the one-time General, Larten Crepsley; and a half-vampire, me

With the exception of book two, this is the best of the lot, kicking things up with surprising twists, a betrayal, and a little return of Darren to his human side/life. I’ve found when he has to try and adjust and look more into walking that balance, the books are more interesting.

There's some humor, the return of great characters, interesting plot development/connections that make Darren appear more realistic, and a stunner. It looks like the books are certainly not following the movies.

The end was great and again leaves on a cliffhanger I can't wait to continue. Pacing is swift as always, so this one flew by in the reading. It was impossible to put down and tied with my other favorite in the series. Bravo.

There's the introduction of some old characters to spice things up a bit, and further twists/developments between a Prince and his brother on the other side. Crepsley has taken a more enjoyable role as teacher, friend, protector. Darren is likeable with a conscience but finding his role in a violent, twisted vampire war.

There's just enough of small hints to forecast some further surprises in the books to come. Shan does a good job introducing twists without teasers, but just in the right places to guarantee there’s more coming down the road. There are threads in so many directions hanging right now.

There is a little predictability, but that didn’t hurt the book.

   Book Quotes:

“Indecision is the source of chaos." 

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