Booking Through Thursday: March 19, 2015

 A Weekly Meme Hosted by Booking Through Thursday 

What new book would make you spring out of your chair and run to the bookstore? (Or library, or nearest computer screen, depending on your book-delivery-method of choice.)

Right now it would be the Ilona Andrews series of the Kate Daniels world. Other years it would have been the Hollows, but that series has ended as of last year and the page is done. I've read all of the Magic books and even the offshoot into Andrea's mind. The books have all been good, with the third remaining my favorite up until the last year, when the last book blew my mind. Putting it down was almost physically painful. It was completely perfect and I know the next book can in no way live up to that one - I can hope it will, but surely something can't stay that good for long, right?

Here's my review of the last book, Magic Breaks