(Cirque Du Freak, #9)

"It was an age of deceit. You never knew when a trusted ally would turn, bare his fangs, and rip you into pieces. The vampires and vampaneze were at war - The War of the Scars. Three vampires were sent by Mr. Desmond Tiny to hunt the Vampaneze Lord, including me, Darren Shan. I'm a half-vampire."

As his battles with the vampaneze continue, Darren Shan is framed as public enemy number one.

So....ridiculously.....sad. The ending of this book packs a wallop of emotional punch. So....sad. The books won't be quite the same now (again, SO SAD.)

The way it went down, though? Brilliant, epic in scope.

All the three hunters have grown on me more. The assistance of two humans was a fun touch as they added to the storyline.

The twist turned my head around at the end, making me circle around previous assumptions that actually have turned out true. Red herring alert that was massacred. Such a brutal ending to bring this book to a darker level, as some of the others have been, but not all, making it a fantastic young adult book that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Such a bitter feeling with a certain turnout, especially considering how more bitter it is since the author slipped in a sweet chapter in the middle that gave false hope. Almost mean to do but this only emphasized the tragedy much more and was a brilliant, unusual move; I applaud.

Again intense in action, firm with pacing, characters hold up strong and become more likeable (in some cases before they meet tragic fates.) The world only continues to become more complex and layered.

Shan definitely has a talent with writing emotionally wrenching, tragic scenes. Ugh. Second time in a row with this series that I’ve sobbed as a child would.

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