Saying Hello to Tumblr, Goodbye to Booklikes

I started a booklikes account years ago, and while I thought and still think the concept was a good one, I have done little with the account. Since I only review here and on Goodreads, I had no ambition to review on a third website. Because of this, I used the site only for posting reading images and other fun stuff for book lovers.

While this sounds good enough to keep it around, I already enjoy sharing images on Pinterest, facebook, twitter, and Google+. It can get rather redundant. Since I've decided to finally take the tumblr plunge, the layouts between the sites are so similar that I'm not seeing the point of keeping the Booklikes one anymore. It doesn't help I find the site laggy, don't enjoy browsing the feed because most of the people I follow post reviews (and I don't like the review format there), and also find customizing the profile tedious and am never happy with mine.

And finally, I didn't want to keep exporting and importing my Goodreads data to keep the shelves accurate. I didn't want to track a reading challenge and currently reading on two similar sites, and I didn't want to add new books and track shelves on two different sites.

So, goodbye for me Booklikes. One less social networking site to keep track of and not feel guilty about ignoring. Tumblr is a replacement mainly for the new feature I want to do with Book Photo Challenges, but also because I enjoyed customizing my profile there, the features they offer, little lag, and that most of the shares are exactly the sort of things I look forward to seeing and sharing on sites such as that.

This isn't to say I don't find Booklikes cool in concept and that it hasn't proved useful for so many fellow bloggers - I look forward to browsing your content there, but just haven't had ambition to add much of my own.