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What is the secret that haunts the master of Blacktower? His hands were encased in black silk gloves, a lurid scar twisting the roughly hewn features of his face. his dark eyes blazed and his mocking laughter echoed to the highest tower of the ancient Scottish estate. Damaris Gordon knew she could never work for a cruel and bitter man-a tortured by disfigurement, disillusion and dark secrets of the past. Was he responsible for his wife's death? Or the injury that crippled his young daughter? Curiousity lured Damaris to the top of the tower in search of the truth. But lover sent her over the edge....

I liked it much better the second time around.

This old-fashioned gothic was so gothic it almost oozed gothic. Barbara Michaels does gothic stuff but rarely historical stuff like this. Not saying I prefer it over her normal books, but it was a groovy change I dug.

I totally hearted Gavin Hamilton. He was serious, scarred, flawed, tall, rich, oozed goth. Damaris was a good heroine who used her brain, stayed loyal, and - even if she peeked around the corners a little too hesitantly - decently fierce with a sassy tongue when it was warranted.

Besides gothic mystery of the main tale, the unwinding love tale captivated yours truly completely. Side characters like the vicious daughter, dingy maid, and funny suitor made it that more delightful.

The villain was someone I kind of guessed, although I wasn't sure until the end. Even so, it made a twisted, good story to read. There were whispers among the townsfolk about a missing wife, which all added to the charm. Twists and turns kept me on my toes for this one, not just in the story’s revelation, but also the heart pitter-patter of the mains.

The ending was a little too abrupt, but the story worked great overall. Exciting story with some mystery, a heroic love story that leaves a good feeling when the last page has been read. The Master of Blacktower is perfect when in the mood for a classic gothic accompanied with a crumbling castle isolated on a cliff in a foreign time that held as much mystery as it promised.

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